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Policy Workgroup

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The IFC policy workgroup will focus on a comprehensive initiative to advance systemic change for individuals with disabilities through a coordination of policy, advocacy and education efforts.


The overall strategy for this group is built upon two main tactics to create a national advocacy movement for the inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas of physical activity and sport:

  • To encourage relevant advocacy organizations to build an IFC agenda into their efforts.
  • To target key areas that can be influenced by persuading professional and trade associations to encourage their individual members to take action.

Long-Term Policy Goals:

  • To advance federal and state policy to expand physical activity and athletic opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
  • To educate policymakers about the importance of healthy lifestyles for individuals with disabilities and the need to adopt aninclusive approach to policy reform.
  • To increase Coalition membership to include more national, state and local organizations, experts and advocates that can serve as referral systems and networks toconnect people with disabilities to physical activity opportunities in their local community.
  • To advance the policy initiatives of the other IFC workgroups.

Department of Education’s Dear Colleague Guidance Letter on Equal Access to Extracurricular Athletics for Students with Disabilities

A victory for student athletes with disabilities in which the Inclusive Fitness Coalition applauded was the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) issued Dear Colleague letter providing further guidance to clarify schools’ responsibilities under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Rehab Act) to provide athletic opportunities for students with disabilities.  The Policy Workgroup's current focus will continue upon the momentum provided by the 2013 OCR Dear Colleage letter and work to address the barriers inhibiting children and youth with disabilities from participating in sport and physical activity programs. 

ASK:  No child, youth or young adult with a disability left on the sidelines.

NEED: The benefits of providing all children an opportunity for exercise and sports participation goes beyond social justice and individual opportunity. There is a major epidemic of obesity among our youth and even more so among our youth with disabilities. By providing equal access in extracurricular activities for students with disabilities, we can begin to break down the barriers to physical activity these individuals often face and create a new culture of inclusion in our schools and communities.

The Policy Workgroup is lead by Eli A. Wolff, IFC appointed Workgroup Chair. 


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