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New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council

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The emphasis of the DD Councils, working with stakeholders, is to increase the independence, produc-tivity, inclusion and integration into the community of people with developmental disabilities, through a variety of systemic change, capacity building, and advocacy activities on their behalf, including de-velopment of a State Plan which lays out activities for demonstrating new approaches to enhance lives; training activities; supporting communities to respond positively; educating the public about their abilities, preferences, and needs; providing information to policy-makers to increase their opportunities; and eliminating barriers.

With much focus given to housing, employment, and health issues, sometimes fewer resources are dedicated to issues related to recreation/leisure for individuals with disabilities. However, participation in recreation options is an important part of life. As services and supports are increasingly threatened, the need for recrea-tion outlets and options is increasing. The New York State Inclusive Recreation Resource Center (NYSIRRC), headquartered at the State University College at Cortland, promotes the participation of individuals with disabilities in recreational activities of their choosing. NYSIRRC provides a one-day training program called Inclusion U. Upon completion of the Inclusion U training curriculum, graduates are considered “Inclusivity Assessors” and can begin assessing recreational op-tions using the NYSIRRC Inclusivity Assessment Tool. More than 1,000 people have attended Inclusion U training and 970 people have passed the final exam to become Certified Inclusivity Assessors. Many individuals participating in the training have been students (450+) and this may serve to introduce a new genera-tion of students/graduates to the difficulties sometimes encountered by individuals with disabilities in recreational settings.

Karen Jackuback, Program Planner, Adult Issues Committee
99 Washington Avenue,
Suite 1230
Albany, NY 12210
Telephone: 518-486-7505    

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