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Veteran Caregivers Matter Campaign

May 13, 2011

Caregivers Matter!

Join us today to recognize caregivers who provide priceless value each and every day in caring for our injured, ill, or wounded Veterans.  Caregivers are the unsung heroes in our midst and here's a way to show them how much they matter.

 Create a Video Response to our Caregivers Matter Campaign  

  • Create a video response as described in the video
  • Go to YouTube and select the Caregivers Matter video
  • Click in the Comment box and click on the link to "Create a Video Response" displayed on the right
  • ·Click on Upload a Video and follow the instructions   

 OR Create a Photo Response which we'll compile to make a video montage on YouTube Simply email your photo to and add any text you might wish for a voiceover; we'll do our best to fit it all in!   Finally, if you're camera-shy, please Write a Comment voicing your appreciation for Caregivers.

There are thousands of Caregivers standing by 24/7 for our Veterans, and we can help them become more visible in  our communities, our nation, and even the world.  Please take the time to recognize your Caregiver and their Veteran for their service today!

Contact Information:
Linda B. Kreter
Chief Executive Officer
WiseHealth, Inc.
515 Benfield Road, Suite 201
Severna Park, MD  21146
Ph:    410-777-5217
Fax:  410-544-1732


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