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The "Everyone Can" Program: A project of the Disability Law Center

April 19, 2011

An Overview of the “Everyone Can” Program

The "Everyone Can" program is an innovative outreach and education project of the Disability Law Center (DLC). Since 2006, presenters have been using literature, arts instruction, peer education and discussion groups to teach children that disability is a natural part of the human experience, and everyone has unique abilities that contribute to the strength of our society. Negative attitudes and perceptions remain some of the most challenging barriers faced by people with disabilities. Incidents of discrimination and intolerance are typically the result of prejudice, paternalism or ignorance toward disability in general. One of the most effective ways to influence negative attitudes and create social change is through early youth intervention. This program is designed to reach young people during the time in their development when they are forming opinions about diversity, relationships and an understanding of community.

The core message of this program is one of inclusion. The "Everyone Can" program introduces the idea that everyone has unique talents and abilities, everyone can promote the strengths of others, and everyone can be part of making our communities more inclusive for people with disabilities. It encourages youth to think critically about ideas of fairness, inclusion and equality. Our hope is that these early interventions will plant the seeds that will lead to a community that is more aware of the needs and rights of all its citizens.

For more information about the “Everyone Can” program, please contact Sheri Newton at (435) 232-4269 or or visit our website at and click on“Everyone Can.”

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