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Exerstrider Products, Inc.

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Exerstrider has been every bit as much a mission for Tom Rutlin, President of Exerstrider, as it has been his busness for more than 18 years.  A major mission has been to remind people that the word "exercise" means "put to use".  Regretfully, a majority of the U.S. populace does not engage in regular healthy physical activity.  Much of the blame focuses on the fact that the fitness industry is largely involved with equipment and exercise prescriptions designed to improve physical/athletic performance.  To the vast majority of the non-athlete populace this "no pain, no gain" paradigm of fitness has proven to be exclusive. Exerstrider strives to provide the tools, philosophy and motivation needed to inspire people to simply put their bodies to good use on a regular basis and make exercise inclusive.

Exerstrider provides easy-to-use and simple exercise tools which turn walking into a total body "good use" exercise for people of all ages, abilities and fitness goals.

Tom does presentations to schools, governmental agencies, service groups, retirement facilities, wellness organizations and others seeking to promote regular physical activity on strengthening the body/mind connection and building "high-function fitness" by rediscovering the joy we all knew as children of putting our bodies to
good use and physical play.  Tom is also working on several projects with the RERC on Recreational Technologies for People with Disabilities (RERC Rectech) to promote exercise among, and develop specially designed tools for people with physical disabilities.


Contact: Tom Rutlin
P.O. Box 3087
Madison, WI 53704
Telephone: (608) 223-9321
Fax: (608) 223-9320

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