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Oak Hill

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Oak Hill enhances independence and quality of life for people with disabiilities, including visual impairments, by setting the standard in providing innovative solutions, program excellence, services and advocacy.

Oak Hill has been meeting the unique needs of individuals with visual impairments, physical and developmental disabilities for one hundred and sixteen years.  Oak Hill started as a School for Blind Children and is now serving communities of people with a wide array of disabilities.  Oak Hill has grown and changed over the years, as have the people it serves, its philosophy remains constant – people with disabilities have the right and capability to be contributing, productive members of their communities.

Today, Oak Hill is the largest private nonprofit community provider of services for people with disabilities in Connecticut. Oak Hill serves children and adults with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities, including visual impairments.

Oak Hill’s vision: “The people with disabilities we serve are the center of all we do and we continually seek ways to help them develop their potential.”

Oak Hill provides services and solutions to thousands of people of all ages with disabilities (intellectual, developmental, physical disabilities including visual impairments) each year. There are eleven distinct programs which provide in-home and community-based housing, day and birth to three services; community-based employment and education; assistive technology; healthy relationships; arts and recreation, and ways to give.

Oak Hill is a recognized private provider by the State of Connecticut’s Home and Community Based Services Comprehensive Waiver and Individual and Family Supports Waiver through the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

Oak Hill helps people with disabilities experience rich, fulfilling lives in communities throughout Connecticut. Through education, assistive technology, programs and advocacy, we support them at every stage of life. Oak Hill also provides a robust array of services to those people who work with, live with and care for people challenged by disabilities.


  • Community-based housing, employment , and education
  • Individual and Family Supports Center at Oak Hill - provides individual day; group day; supervised employment; in home services; self-directed services.
  • Oak Hill Professional Development – comprehensive and on-going education and training of people who work with children and adults with disabilities; includes CEUs, recertification and licensing.
  • Oak Hill also operates other innovative programs such as:
  • NEAT Center at Oak Hill – assistive technology, adaptive equipment, resources and education.
  • Oak Hill Birth to Three Program - provides support services to families of children ages three and under with disabilities or delays in developmental milestones.
  • Oak Hill Center for Relationship & Sexuality Education (CRSE) – promotes safe and healthy relations for teens and adults Eleanor A. Brooks Blindness Related Supports Center at Oak Hill - includes housing, community support, and vocational programs.

Some highlights of these programs and services include:

  • Our community programs provide exemplary services to 500 people in their group homes and day activity centers everyday assuring their safety and the very best quality of life.
  • Oak Hill School program has increased enrollment to 83 students and opened a new classroom.
  • Oak Hill Camp and summer programs serving children and adults with autism and visual impairments were fantastic and provided social and recreational opportunities to 275 people.
  • The Center for Relationship & Sexuality Education (CRSE) published a new curriculum targeting youth with developmental disabilities; “Positive Choices” is available for general sale.
  • NEAT’s (New England’s Assistive Technology) Equipment Restoration Center is expanding with a new satellite location in Windham county, and provides assistive technology to thousands of people with disabilities each year.
  • Oak Hill Birth to Three program provides early intervention and evaluations; in its second year has served hundreds of children and their families.
  • Eleanor A. Brooks Blindness Related Supports Center at Oak Hill provides computer access training to U.S. veterans in Connecticut, expanding its service to Western Massachusetts.

Contact: Patrick Johnson, President
Main Contact Person: Leslie Sanborn
120 Holcomb Street
Hartford, CT 06112
Telephone: 860-769-3842

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