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Triumph Foundation

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Triumph Foundation’s mission is to inspire individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries to triumph over their disability and to keep moving forward with their lives by pushing themselves to get better every day.  They believe that exercise is medicine; that living a healthy lifestyle is an important part of every individual’s life, but particularly in the life of a disabled individual; and that staying fit is essential to recovery and to avoiding secondary complications. Triumph Foundation promotes maximizing recovery & return of function through regular exercise, living a healthy lifestyle, focusing on independence, and keeping a positive attitude. 

Having a Spinal Cord Injury may be a detour in life, but it is not a roadblock.  Triumph Foundation helps those affected by SCI find the road to recovery.  Triumph Foundation works to minimize the obstacles that one faces after suffering a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI).  They specialize in galvanizing and restoring lives after SCI.  Their activities consist primarily of educating people who have suffered  Spinal Cord Injury about the many organizations, assistance programs, activities, and pieces of equipment that exist to help them keep living their lives to the fullest potential. They are involved within the SCI community by giving out care packages to newly injured people, attending support groups, visiting people in the hospital, educating the public, and building a network of individuals who have triumphed over their disabilities.  Triumph motivates those with Spinal Cord Injury to persevere and to stay strong. Maximizing recovery and working to regain strength, mobility and independence is what everyone with SCI should be focused on.

Contact: Andrew Skinner
18307 Oakmont Dr. #931
Canyon Country, CA 91387

Telephone: 661.803.3700



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