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Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation

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The Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation (SSDF) oversees the six charitable organizations founded by former Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan over the past 25 years.  Each of these societies deliver programs and services that help people with significant physical disabilities to enhance quality of life and achieve full citizenship in the community, not only in Vancouver and British Columbia but across North America and around the world.
Four of the charities of the Disability Foundation offer recreational opportunities, including three societies which specifically promote inclusion and participation in outdoor activities:  British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society (BCMOS), Disabled Sailing Association of BC (DSA) and the Disabled Independent Gardeners Association (DIGA).

The British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society (BCMOS) provides opportunities for people with disabilities to experience outdoor, wilderness-based activities, including hiking and gliding.  The foundation of the society’s programs is the TrailRider, a volunteer-powered, multi-terrain wheelchair that enables people with significant disabilities to access rugged areas of the natural environment that are otherwise inaccessible.

The Disabled Sailing Association of BC (DSA) is a charitable society dedicated to enriching the lives of people with significant disabilities through leisure and competitive sailing.  Sailing provides one of the only activities in which a person with a significant physical disability can leave his or her wheelchair to play and compete independently alongside their able-bodied counterparts.  DSA has created equipment such as the Martin 16 sailboat and Sip 'n' Puff technology, enhancing the independence and safety of sailors with physical disabilities.
The Disabled Independent Gardeners Association (DIGA) facilitates the rehabilitation of people with significant physical disabilities through active participation in gardening.  DIGA encourages members to seek the enjoyment and health benefits of gardening through our workshops, assistive devices, volunteer assistance and community gardens programs.  DIGA facilitates the integration of disabled gardeners with their able-bodied counterparts, creating an inclusive gardening community that is not limited by physical barriers.
The Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation (SSDF) is at the forefront of developing opportunities for people with significant disabilities to experience inclusive and empowering forms of recreation, including hiking, sailing and gardening.  The innovative TrailRider and Martin 16 sailboat, designed specifically for our purposes, continue to attract and engage people from around the world to become involved in these accessible opportunities for outdoor recreation. 

Contact: Stephen Hunter

207-3077 Granville Street
Vancouver BC  V6H 3J9
Telephone: 604.688.6464  ext 132

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