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Inclusion Sports/BulletBall

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INCLUSION SPORTS has a non-adaptive "All-Inclusive" sport called BulletBall.  

For the first time, a non-adaptive 'all-inclusive' sport which allow persons with a disability to play competitively on a 'level playing field' against anyone; disability or not!  It can be played comfortably while standing or sitting, gender neutral, and is mentally and physically challenging.

The BulletBall sport table allows for a standard wheelchair to easily maneuver under it which gives everyone an opportunity to compete. A competitive and therapeutic sport is necessary and beneficial for the rehabilitation and the self-esteem of our soldiers, our children, and our seniors. We must 'Building a Bridge' between the disabled community and mainstream society through common interaction. BulletBall provides Therapy, Fun, and Competition...ALL-IN-ONE!

The organization actively attends events for people with disabilities, many which are affiliated with the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities, AccessChicago, and Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. BulletBall is now an official sport activity with the St. Louis Senior Olympics, the YMCA, and World Sport Chicago.
The more people with disabilities can be integrated into society and be part of the workforce, the better it is for them and for the American economy. BulletBall is a great way to break down barriers between mainstream society and people with disabilities (including our Wounded Warriors), and as a way to 'level the playing field' not only in the confines of the game itself, but in the way people regard their own potential. The population of people with disabilities are increasing drastically thanks to medical technology. The challenge is 1) to integrate disabled people into mainstream society and 2) to increase opportunities for this population to experience real and meaningful success. This game is a step toward both.

Contact: Marc Griffin

12929 Springdale Village Dr
St. Louis, Mo 63146

Phone: 314-533-2731







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