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Pilates Playground (Osteoporosis Exercise Studio)

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The Pilates Playground offers classical Pilates and modified Pilates based on the Meeks Method. Staff at the Pilates Playground lead classes and individual sessions of modified Pilates that is safe for people with osteopenia and osteoporosis. This approach is modified to each client's individual needs and level of strength and health. Mat classes, private sessions and duet sessions are offered daily. Each lesson is modeled after the traditional work of Joseph Pilates. The program is safe for all age groups and fitness levels.

In additional to hosting Pilates classes, Pilates Playground is proud to host the Albany Support Group for the National Osteoporosis Foundation.

The mission at this osteoporosis exercise studio is to educate everyone on the exercise and lifestyle modifications available to prevent fractures and improve posture, strength and quality of life. Penny Shure is the owner of Pilates Playground. She was classically certified through Power Pilates, NYC. Penny is committed to providing excellent instruction to everyone through a challenging workout geared to each client's individual needs. Her client's range in age from 10 - 85! All fitness levels will benefit from a Pilates workout! The exercises, known originally as "contrology" by developer Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) improve posture, strengthen and lengthen muscles, increase flexibility, improve breathing, spirit and help build strong bones. Pilates is a great addition to any workout and helps improve your performance levels in every aspect of life! Learning to move your body from the "inside out" and strengthening your core muscles has the added benefit of healing and building your spirit as well! Many people find that chronic back pain is relieved after beginning a Pilates regimen.


Contact: Penny Shure

Pilates Playground
16 Wilan Lane
Albany, NY   12203

Telephone: (518) 669-9677



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