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Quadriciser Corporation

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The Quadriciser® was designed for use by individuals who need assistance with movement. Like many innovations, the Quadriciser® works simply. The individual sits in a padded seat (or in their own wheelchair as one model allows) while the feet and lower legs are supported in separate cradles. The hands grasp handles attached to small trapezes (Velcro assist gloves may be used for those who have difficulty with gripping) while a motor driven flywheel turns cords and pulleys to move the extremities through a smooth and functional range of motion.

The Quadriciser® consists of a motor drive system that moves cables and pulleys attached to hand grips and leg cradles. The hand grips and leg cradles translate through a circular range of motion exercising the entire body. The machine control system provides for varying direction of rotation, speed, and exercise duration.

There are basically three parts of the Quadriciser® that interact with the user. The seat adjusts forward and backward to accommodate the length of the legs, providing more flexion to the knees. The reclining back gives the plantar muscle greater extension and all four limbs are in motion simultaneously. These customized features provide for considerable movement of the hips. Grip assist gloves are available for grasping the handgrips and the shock absorbing elastic bungee cords reduce stress. The foot cradles provide support for lower limbs in a bicycle-type exercise motion. They are freely suspended which allows for natural movement of the lower limbs to minimize joint stress.

The design of the Quadriciser® emphasizes comfort and security because the lower limbs are gently supported in comfortable padded cradles which are freely suspended from the exercise machine. The way the Quadriciser® holds your body and moves your limbs, naturally, at different speeds to your desired movement, help avoid harmful stress on the knees, hips, elbows, and all the joints in every part of your body. The Quadriciser® features a gentle motorized system. The Quadriciser® moves on its own in a systematic motion that is fully adjustable and can be customized for each individual.

Image of adult using the equipment

The Quadriciser® moves an individual's lower and upper limbs through varying ranges of motion without any assistance from the individual, which is passive or it can be active. The Quadriciser Corporation believes that the subsequent increase circulation, heart rate, and movement has a significant and beneficial impact on an individual's health. The benefits are believed to be similar, in some areas, to those derived from active exercise. Quadriciser Corporation makes no medical claims nor warrants any results from the use of the Quadriciser® or equipment.

Contact:  Larry Bohanan, CEO

6624 Central Ave Pike
Knoxville, TN 37912

Telephone: (865) 689-5003
Mobile Telephone: (865) 803-5555

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