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New Article Focuses on ADA Compliance and Efforts to Make Fitness Facilities More Inclusive!

The Law of Inclusion: ADA Compliance

By Amy Scanlin, MS

Facility accessibility is at the forefront of discussions for fitness managers. In a study published in 2005 in the American Journal of Public Health, an investigation into the accessibility of health clubs found that facilities have only low to moderate levels of accessibility – with issues ranging from ADA facility guidelines, to policies, staffing and equipment. In 2009, thanks to awareness, education, new types of equipment and strict Americans with Disabilities Act facility code compliance, the inclusion of all members is growing, and people of all abilities are finding their way to a healthier lifestyle.

The improvement in standards and steps we take to improve the lives of others is a great thing! After all, how would you feel if you were a person with a visual impairment and couldn’t see the prompts to start a piece of equipment? Or utilized a wheelchair for mobility and couldn’t find an arm ergometer to raise your heart rate and reap the rewards of cardiovascular exercise? “Fifty four million Americans have some type of disability,” says Amy Rauworth, MS, RCEP, Associate Director for the National Center on Physical Activity and Disability. “This amounts to approximately one out of every five Americans or 20% of the population.”

In a truly inclusive environment, the individual with the disability should be able to participate independently. They should be able to use lifts, restrooms, equipment – all without assistance. While this isn’t always the case yet, we are working on it.


The above text is an exerpt from the article which was featured in the June/July Issue of OnSite Fitness Magazine. To view the full text of the article, please visit:

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Scanlin, A. (2009, June/July). The Law of Inclusion: ADA Compliance. OnSite Fitness, 4(3), 26-28.

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